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Topics: Koala, Resource, Organism Pages: 4 (436 words) Published: October 18, 2014


Tatiana García-Menocal
David Ruiz
Period: 5
Problem statement: How will recourse availability affect the population of a species in an ecosystem?

Open space
Over 20 people

Hypothesis: if the resources are not enough for the population the species will decrease and so will the predators.

1. Obtain a number 1-4 from your teachers.
2. Deer= 1
3. Resources= 2,3,4
4. The deer will be on one side of the open space and the resources will be on the other. The deer will make the sign of what they are looking for and the resources will make the sign of what they are, with their backs facing each other. 5. When teacher says go the deer will find their corresponding resource. The recourses that have been caught are now deer. 6. Repeat step 2 and 3 eight times.

7. Collect data
8. On your ninth time take two resources and make them predators. The predators will go after the deer. 9. Every dear that is caught is now a predator.
10. Repeat step eight and nine 6 times
11. Collect data

Observation data table:


Every time the deer would go catch a resource the number of deer increased and the number of resources decreased. This showed how as the population dies out the resources are given time to grow back. The predators where an important part of this lab. As the predators caught the deer they increased and the deer decreased and the resources increased. But ass the deer increased the predators decreased which caused a balanced cycle of life. The deer need resources and the predators need deer if the deer decrease so do the predators and the resources increase. If the recourses increase so do the deer and so do the predators. The deer’s and predator’s life depend on the resources.

The deer’s basic needs are food, water, and shelter. As long as the resource is available the deer population will increase. As the deer population increases so...
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