Challenges of Bowhunting

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Johnny Touchton
Exemplification Essay
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Mr. Hinson
Challenges of Bow hunting
Hunters everywhere are presented with a number of challenges that arise with each hunt. Bow hunters are no exception to this. In most cases, bow hunters are faced with many more challenges than someone hunting with a firearm. Some challenges include the extensive preparation that has to be done before each hunt, as well as being cognizant and knowledgeable of all of the different types of each piece of equipment and knowing which to choose.

The extensive preparation required to be a successful bow hunter is indeed an adequate challenge. Unlike hunting with a firearm, someone cannot walk blindly into a deer stand and stand a chance at harvesting a deer. One must prepare. The preparation should begin with finding a bow that “fits” the hunter, one they are comfortable with. Things must be adjusted to suit the one who will be hunting with it. Things like the draw weight which is the amount of weight require to pull the bow to “full draw” so it can be shot. After this, the hunter should practice shooting this bow to develop proper form and muscle memory well before season. Not only must this be mastered, but the hunter has to be comfortable shooting from different positions such as sitting down or standing up. But Wait! It gets better! One must know which positions are acceptable for the deer to be in for an ethical shot to be taken. For example, if a Touchton

deer was shot in the same place quartering away as if it was standing broadside, the vitals would be missed. This is only one example of why someone must have sufficient practice shooting their bow. Moving on to the next step in prepping; Scouting. Scouting is essential to having a successful season. In this case, success is defined as harvesting mature deer, both bucks and doe. So how does one scout? Scouting is done by walking around the property which the hunter will hunt, looking for...
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