Observation on Social Behaviour

Topics: Psychology, Mind, Consciousness Pages: 4 (1303 words) Published: January 20, 2013
HOW DOES “no communication -NO INTEREST “AFFECT A RELATION??? Subject “A”
Subject “B”
Subject “C”
Situation: Did not communicate via any medium with any of the above subject. * What is interest in general terms:-
“A matter, activity etc that is of special concern to one.” Or “curiosity; attention” * According to subject interest is:-
“Creating a feeling in own mind via communicating with the person of interest and expecting to get same response from the same person of interest.” * OBSERVATION:
Date: 3:19 * Meet subject A today. In the beginning everything was normal. * I initiated the conversation; very jolly while talking. On the other hand subject A response were few words with forceful smile. * Suddenly subject A started talking about me.

* First subject stated other subject’s negative feeling towards me for not communicating. * Negative feelings were in form of verbal abuse only.
* Subject A also furnished me with details that all the above subject had social gathering and did not invite me. {My reason would be because for expressing their hatefulness towards me.} And subject’s reason was because I did not communicate. * There was also intervention by “third person”. During subject’s conversation with the third person, certain terms of being good friends were bought up to make me realize as to what I am dealing with. * There was also a piece of conversation which stated other subject’s hatred towards me. * In this matter I was constantly made to realize that if I don’t show interest, it might lead to break up of a relationship. * That was all for conversation. The hand shake and hugs were distant. P.s: Here hand shake and hugs are basic means of understanding acceptance in “social group”. Date:...
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