Ob Case Study

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Case Study
Organizational Behavior

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Varun Paruchuri

OB Case Study

Joining XLRI after having worked in an organization (Infosys) for close to three years is one of the best things that have happened to me in my life. I was filled with boundless joy and happiness when I got to know that I had made it to XLRI. After having joined here, I was very happy to come back to studying and college life again. Everything here was excellent, the infrastructure, the faculty and the environment to learn. Subjects like Organizational Behavior highlighted the importance of being not only a good manager who is very good technically but also a good human being before anything else. It aimed to create responsible individuals who are sensible, knowledgeable and are good citizens in the society to whom everybody can look up to in their lives. Various topics were taught to us in the class and the point was driven home through effective use of real life examples, creative games and other modern teaching tools. The focus was not on the marks scored in the exam but on the learning and experience gained in the classroom. I have collated the learning’s that I have gained during the course of my stint with OB (I sincerely hope this is not the last one) below. I’m sure that as you read along, you would notice a certain trend in the learning and it indicates my progression gradually.

I learnt that EQ is generally a measure of self-awareness, which is extremely vital. I will attempt to understand myself before I try to understand others. Contemporary quotient talks about your knowledge of the background you are from and how you are able to relate to it. IIQ is a measure of intuitions. Intuitions are something we earn out of experience. Our experience gives us a wide knowledge that aids our thinking and tackling of practical situations. Next we spoke about the different innate characteristics an individual has and the factors that affect a person’s performance like age, gender, race, social group, seniority, religion and sexual orientation. We moved on to understand human being as a creature. It is believed that each person has an unlimited potential and this need not necessarily result in competencies. Competency is the potential that is displayed at work. It is potential put to use. Talking about stress, it is a result of a low level of SQ. SQ does not imply religion, but religion is one of the means to achieve it. Stress is a state of imbalance, wherein the person concerned becomes a victim of non-performance and is not able to think properly. He is not able to achieve targets and goals properly.

I have decided to honestly perform the goals entrusted upon me and those chosen by me to the best of my ability. I realize that it is best for my meaningful existence and a healthy growth.

These plays brought out the realization of a very important thing-the importance and applicability of organizational behaviour in every walk of life and in all the departments which we encounter in day to day life. Hence, one should try to incorporate the suggestions and learnings from OB in one’s life and use it to his benefit to improve the overall performance of the society.

I came to know the difference between skill, competency and talent and have decided to sharpen my skills by developing various competencies. I have decided to concentrate on my talents and put them to good use and make the most of my life.

The importance of right attitude was impressed upon us and I realised that it is with the right attitude that knowledge, talent and skill results in competency. Forming a good attitude as well as changing the attitude towards anything majorly depends on us and one must always form/change attitude keeping in mind the goals intended to be achieved. The right attitude is what helps you achieve your goals. Also, job involvement...
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