Nutrition for the Elderly

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The main purpose of this report is to highlight the varied nutritional requirements of more mature people both male and female. Most people believe that as you get older your nutritional requirements per day will lessen and you will need to eat less food, this is however a myth because the body always needs energy to repair cells etc. Nutritional requirements will drop but only slightly and the elderly may need to get their nutrients in more energy dense foods.

The daily nutritional requirements for a male aged 19-49yrs is 2550 Kcal, for a male aged 65-74yrs the requirement is 2330 Kcal, this is a lowering of requirement of only 220 Kcal. For a female aged 19-49yrs the requirement is 1940 Kcal, and a female aged 65-74yrs has the daily requirement of 1900 Kcal, this is a lowering of requirement of only 40 Kcal therefore the lowering requirement is minimal. For people aged over 75yrs the requirement lowers by a further 330 Kcal for males and 100 Kcal for females.

All food groups contain some protein and the daily requirement of protein for males over 50yrs is 53.3g and for a female is 46.5g. Vitamin C helps to boost the immune system and is found in citrus fruits and potatoes. The main source of vitamin D is sunlight, it is also found in fatty foods, oily fish and dairy products, it is used to absorb calcium and to prevent rickets. Calcium is found in milk, cheese and yogurts; it helps to prevent osteoporosis and builds strong bones and teeth. Women over the age of 19yrs need nearly twice as much iron in their diets than do males, the male requirement is 8.7mg per day and the female requirement is 14.8mg per day, iron helps to provide a healthy blood supply and is found in green vegetables such as broccoli, red meat and liver are high in iron content.

The daily nutritional targets are to have five servings of fruit and vegetables, bread rice potatoes or pasta should be served at every meal, you should have...
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