Nursing Theory

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After reading through all of the theories presented in chapter four, I was most intrigued by Benner and Wrubel's theory. This theory is about caring being the most important aspect of care. According to Potter and Perry, this theory states, "caring creates possibilities for coping, enables possibilities for connecting with and concern for others, and allows for the giving and receiving of help." I agree with this statement, and I believe that this is a theory that I can use to provide care and make a difference. The reason I chose to major in nursing versus pre-medicine was because I wanted to treat the patient and not the disease. The difference between the two professions is not the amount of school or the amount of pay; it is the amount of care provided. I believe that before you treat the disease you must treat the patient by caring for them and their family. By treating the patient's mind and soul and showing that you are there for them, more good can be done than harm. This is where caring comes into play. As the theory states, caring allows for coping, enabling conections, and giving help. Most patients seek help when they feel that they are helpless and cannot do something by themselves. This means that most patients are scared in the beginning otherwise they would not be seeking attention. By being compassionate and showing a sense of understanding, it allows the easing of fear and shows that someone is there to go through this with them. By caring, instead of allowing the patient to be afraid of coming to you, you are encouraging them to seek your help as a trustworthy friend. It isn't realistic to believe that every patient will become a friend; however, it is realistic to believe that if a nurse sincerely cares about each patient, they have made a difference. One of the primary reasons nursing is America's number one trusted profession is because nurses care. Not only do they care about themselves and others, they display it and live...
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