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Topics: Nursing, Patient, Health care Pages: 2 (921 words) Published: October 13, 2014
Nursing is one of the most respected and rewarding occupations in the healthcare industry. An exemplary nurse exhibits qualities such as empathy, selflessness, and the ability to work well under pressure as a team and also independently. Although the nurses job description focuses on patient care, nurses are also the patient’s number one advocate; the doctor may diagnose and order treatments for the patient, but the nurse is the one whom the patient sees and establishes a connection most. Nurses are skilled, intelligent, and fearless. They are a part of an occupation that I aspire to join. Prior to my parents’ retirement as physicians, I spent a lot of time in hospitals when I was a child. As a result to their profession, I was significantly more exposed to healthcare than the average individual; my toys were sphygmomanometers and stethoscopes, my bed time stories were medical journals, my play area a hospital waiting room. Coming from a healthcare family, I always knew I was going to work in healthcare but never knew to what extent; do I become a doctor or a PA? Perhaps a pharmacist or possibly a nurse? When I began working as an EMT in 2011, it solidified the idea that I wanted to be a nurse. One day at my EMT job, we responded to a woman with substernal chest pain radiating to the left arm with breathing difficulty. The woman appeared pale, cool, and diaphoretic indicating textbook symptoms of a possible myocardial infarction. Naturally, we called a Code heart and went straight up to the cardiac catheter lab. The next thing I knew, I was looking at a literal heart of a literal person on a monitor with all the blockages that caused the infarction. After the stents were placed it looked like a completely different healthy heart with no blockages to be seen. Obviously I have seen such x-rays of vessel blockages and I’ve learned about angioplasties, but it was completely different experiencing it right before my very eyes. I was in awe of the doctor and nurses’...
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