Nursing and Assessment Tools

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Assessment Tool Analysis Paper
The nursing process is the framework in providing nursing care. Assessment is an important aspect of nursing care and is the first step in the nursing process. An assessment of the client’s emotionally and psychology health needs must be assessed to ensure a holistic view of the client is obtained. Jean Watson’s theory of caring is the blueprint of the nursing profession. Jean Watson’s theory of human caring focused on establishing a caring relationship with patients. Jean Watson believed in treating the patient as a holistic being ("Jean Watson’s Philosophy of Nursing", 2012). Watson’s theory of human caring allows nurses to identify and incorporate the spiritual, emotional, and psychological needs of a patient into the care being provided ("Jean Watson’s Philosophy of Nursing", 2012). Assessment tools are proven to expand the assessment and evaluation skills of nursing in various stages of patient conditions. This paper will examine three assessment tools, and how they improve the nursing process and the quality of care being provided. These three assessment tools are the Beck Depression Inventory, Ways of Coping Questionnaire, and Coping Resources Inventory for Stress. Later in this paper these assessment tools will be applied to a vulnerable population, adolescent pregnancy. The Beck Depression Inventory is one of the most widely used instruments for measuring the severity of depression in adolescents and adults (“Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), 2012”). This assessment tools was created by Dr. Aaron Beck and was publish in 1996 (Beck Depression Inventory (BDI)", 2012). The Beck Depression Inventory is a 21-item assessment tools that measure characteristic attitudes and symptoms of depression ("Beck Depression Inventory (BDI)", 2012). This assessment tool takes approximately 10 minutes to complete ("Beck Depression Inventory (BDI)", 2012). The questionnaire consists of items...

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