Topics: Nursing, Nursing care plan, Nursing process Pages: 1 (420 words) Published: October 29, 2014
Dorothy Orem
Orem’s Contribution to Nursing Theory: Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory description of category of theory is a set of broad concepts, definitions, relationships developed and assumptions or propositions created from nursing models or from other disciplines and projects of purposes that are required for care of by individual patient, family and community (Current Nursing,2013). Orem's approach to the nursing process provides a method to determine the self-care deficits and then to define the roles of patient or nurse to meet the self-care demands. The steps in the approach are thought of the technical component of the nursing process. Orem emphasizes that the technological component "must be coordinated with interpersonal and social pressures within nursing situations (Current Nursing, 2013). Orem’s proposition is the nursing process in this model has three parts. First is the assessment, which collects data to determine the problem or concern that needs to be addressed. The next step is the diagnosis and creation of a nursing care plan. The third and final step of the nursing process is implementation and evaluation. The nurse sets the health care plan into motion to meet the goals set by the patient and his or her health care team, and, when finished, evaluate the nursing care by interpreting the results of the implementation of the plan (Current Nursing, 2013). In the literature of the nursing process is explains a set of steps followed by nurses in order to care for patients. How a particular nurse uses the nursing process varies based on the nurse, the patient, and the situation, but the process generally follows the same steps: assessment, diagnosis, plan, implementation, evaluation (Current Nursing, 2013). My personal experience requires me to implemented the Nursing Process daily. The assessment part is done as soon as I introduce myself to each on of of our clients after nurse to nurse safety checks. During that I asked my...

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