Nuclear Power Plant

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Nuclear Power Plant Persuasion Letter

Dear Mayor,
I have herd of your recent decision to build a power plant in our town I personally wanted to make sure you knew the consequences and effects of this before you made any drastic decisions. Over the past decade nuclear power has been used as a source of domestic energy and this has been increasing. But did you ever think about the heat rejection, gaseous emissions, environmental impact, and social impact. When it comes down to the heat rejection nuclear power plants require expelling thermal energy, the different variations of heat need to be cooled off by something and most of the time water is the source that is being used which affect the aquatic life within these bodies of water. As well as causing fluctuations in flow rates of rivers. And for the gaseous emissions they come in different forms of intensity, they use diesel generators to back up the electric power releasing the toxic greenhouse gases along with the exaughst gases from the buildings, these gases cause things such as many skin problems. As for environmental impact in order to build a nuclear plant you need a lot of land/area which disturbs the natural habitat and has several other negative effects on the regions vegetation. The social impact is pretty much all of the things put together it takes over their land exposes them to radiation and ECT. These are just some of the many reasons why I believe you shouldn’t build a power plant in our town; I hope you take this letter into consideration and that it changed your mind.

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