Coal power vs Nuclear power

Topics: Nuclear power, Coal, Chernobyl disaster Pages: 3 (1108 words) Published: January 27, 2014
Coal power vs. Nuclear power
Safety & Efficiency

With nuclear power came what was thought to be a more clean alternative to burning coal and other fossil fuels; Nuclear power does not produce nearly as much of the greenhouse gases as coal produces. People and society have given nuclear power a bad name, considering the amount of accidents that have happened. Although when you look at statistics it’s not as many as you would believe, or expect. When nuclear power is put head to head with coal power, nuclear power is the more efficient, and the safest way of power production. There are several reasons for this like the amount of fuel burned, pollution levels, and the effect it has on the environment.

Coal power uses more power for the country; nuclear power is becoming more widespread in the power production industry. Coal power is the number one option in the United States, due to coal being used much longer than nuclear power. With coal power having more longevity comes more “know how”, and with that comes a sense of seniority over technology, which comes along with the production of nuclear power. Although when nuclear power came about it became very popular that is until the first accident happened with the production of nuclear power, and with that nuclear power production suffered major repercussion. Those repercussions cause a number of industries to result back to the production of coal power.

Nuclear power’s bad reputation has come about due to the accident at nuclear plants such as Chernobyl in Ukraine, Fukushima in Japan and Three Mile Island in the USA. Chernobyl was one of the only ones out of three that has been classified as a “major accident” by The International Atomic Energy Agency; the other was the accident at Fukushima. The reason the Chernobyl accident was considered a “major accident”, was due to the emergency shutdown failing, with a full melt down being achieved. This area is not able to be populated ever again due to the extreme...
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