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NU1210 Nurse Practice Act

By blinkygirl21 Apr 27, 2015 503 Words

Nurse Practice Act
Krystalene Blevins
April 2, 2015

The Nursing Practice Act for me signifies a set of rules of what can and cannot be done by the different levels of nursing. Each has their own scope of practice that is outlined in their own section describing what they are allowed to do and whom they may work under. For me it is allowing me to understand what guidelines I must follow and what steps I need to take in order to get my licensure to become a registered nurse. It tells me the steps that are followed when something is done outside of the scope of practice or negligence that leads to reprimanding me. It also informs me in how the board is made and how it will act according to the rules. It also informs me the different levels of nursing and what the education requirement is for each level. It informs me that I do not work alone and must collaborate with other nurses and colleagues to perform my job effectively and efficiently. For the licensure, it tells me what fees need to be paid, what needs to be done upon renewal of licensure every two years. If I do not renew my license within the expiration date it hurts me for having to pay additional fees and working beyond the expiration date is illegal practice and I could be held accountable. Therefore, the best thing for me is continue upkeep of my licensure by continuing education and my renewals. I have also learned that New Mexico is part of The Nurse Licensure Compact. If the issue were to arise that I would need to move to a state, it would benefit me to move to one that is a part of the compact. If I get my licensure in New Mexico, it will be listed as my home state. Any other state that I switch my license to would a remote state. The home state and remote states will communicate the status of my licensure be it suspended, revoked or expired. This act will impact me by keeping me informed in what I need for accomplishing my licensure and how I will be able to maintain it through my professional career. The new information I learned about this act is how the board is determined or who actually made up the board being four licensed nurses, an LPN and three members of the public and that they were nominated into their position. Before reading this document, I thought the nursing practice was only for nurses but is also used to determine certification for certified medication aid, certified hemodialysis technician, certified nurse practitioner, certified registered nurse of anesthesia, certified registered nurses, and clinical nurse specialist. This document is important to nurses in New Mexico because not all states have the same rules and regulations. For any given state that you are practicing, it would be in my best interests to know the rules and regulation that I must adhere.

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