Person Centred Care MDT

Topics: National Health Service, Health care, Medicine Pages: 9 (2987 words) Published: November 6, 2014
This essay will discuss the concept of person centred care, why ser-vice users are at the centre of any decisions made. The importance of this when developing a plan of care to an individual with dementia within a community care setting with limited mobility. What the structure of the mutli disciplinary is when involved in delivering a package of care and how the different roles involved contribute to the positive outcomes Principles of care as stated by the Royal College of Nursing (2013) outlines guidelines what service users should expect from the nurs-ing profession, whether you are a nurse, health care assistant, community nurse, a service user, family member. You are given the information of what to expect when you are in contact with any of the services or who actually are providing a service. Within the community sector this is important as it gives carers a guideline on how to deliver the best possible care and how they should conduct themselves when dealing with vulnerable people. The Royal College of nursing (2013) outlines 8 principles of care they consist of; that all health care assistants, nurses treat all service users with dignity, respect, show understanding of the service users needs. To be non judgemental in the care being provided, whilst showing compassion and sensitivity. All nurses and health care assistants take responsibility for their actions in the care they are providing whilst also being answerable for any action and decision that they take. To manage and assess risk to ensure the safety of the service user and others. To promote the care that is being given putting the service user at the centre of that care, whilst also involving any family members. To ensure that the service user is fully informed of any treatment, to enable them to make an informed choice. All health care assistant and nurses are in the front line for communicating any changes of the service user, recording such things, communicating with other members on the care being provided, whilst maintaining confidentiality. Have up to date knowledge and skills in order to deliver the highest possible level of care to everyone. Work closely with other profes-sionals to ensure that continuity of care is followed to have the best possible outcome for the service user and the staff team. To develop themselves, to encourage and highlight to other professionals the importance of updating knowledge and skills. Many people have different definitions on what Person centred care approaches mean to each individual profession and what their roles involve when implementing person centred care. The Health Foun-dation 2014 suggests that more person centered care is needed, so that people are supported to make informed decisions about manag-ing their own health and care. In order for this to happen changes in behavior and mindset from patients and clinicians supported by a service that has patients at the heart of it. Policies and practice guidelines need to support patients and clinicians to take on new roles and relationships. Ford 2012 wrote an article on what the value of patient care is this was described as the 6 C’s which stand for care, compassion, com-petence, communication, courage and commitment. Brooker (2007) states that by providing a supportive environment for interaction, whilst taking into account that all human life is mainly grounded by relationships. Within the community environment People suffering from dementia requires and need a fulfilling social environment which enables them to have opportunities for growth within the environment that compensates for their impairments. Brooker focuses on the actual diagnosis and how best to help service user to maintain a social connection within a safe environment with the help of staff who understands their condition. Whilst the article that Ford had written expands the key points on how professionals should take into consideration and act when looking after people and...
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