NT 1230 Final Exam Study Guide

Topics: Microsoft Windows, Booting, Windows Server 2008 Pages: 5 (641 words) Published: February 25, 2014
Quiz Questions

1.) Which library is NOT in windows 7?

2.) A new scripting feature that replaced VB script?

3.) Which version(s) of windows can be added to the Active Directory Domain? Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise

4.) What replaced the MSDOS disk boot for windows?
Windows PE Boot Disk

5.) A set of folders associated with a specific user is called? User Profile

6.) A program to run/see if Windows 7 is compatible with an upgrade is called? Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

7.) Default Partition Style?
Main Boot Record or GPT

8.) The Maximum number of primary partitions that MBR supports is? 4

9.) What volume is based on RAID 0?

10.) What is the preferred file system for Windows 7?

11.) What level of the OSI Model are cables on?
The 1st level (Physical)

12.) What level of the OSI Model is IPv4 on?
The 3rd level (Network)
13.) What do you use to specify what bits are being used to lock a number into place? Subnet Mask

14.) What process is used to verify a persons identity?

15.) What enables only specific users to perform tasks and processes? User Rights

16.) What address is given to an IP that fails to locate its address? A.P.I.P.A

17.) Another name for computers that are peers is?

18.) What type of profile is made when a user logs on for the 1st time? Local User Profile

19.) What type of profile is stored on a network and does not allow changes? Mandatory User Profile

20.) What is a Mandatory User Profile?
A profile that is stored on a network and does not allow changes

21.) What do you call an attempted hacking, where every possible every possible combination is used? Brute Force Attack

22.) What stops you from using the same password over & over again? Password History

23.) A credit card like device that contains a chip & certificate is called? A SmartCard

24.) What is used to encrypt files? (EFS)
A Digital Certificate

25.) What console can be customized to have any snap-in?
26.) True or False: Remote Assistance/Access requires an invitation? True

27.) Which port is used for Remote Assistance/Access?
TCP: 3389

28.) Which Component displays the kernel and boot menu?
Boot Manager and Boot Loader

29.) Which tool allows you to easily enable or disable settings? System Configuration Tool

30.) How can you get a fresh registry?
Last Known Good Configuration

31.) Which new feature in Windows 7 allows you to store files locally to save bandwidth? BranchCache

32.) A primary service that a server provides is called what? A Server Role

33.) What is the name of the stripped down version that runs off of Windows Server 2008? Server Core

34.) What is the standard maximum RAM for Windows Server 2008 R2? 32GB

35.) What should you do immediately after a fresh install to guarantee your computer will be stable? Windows Update

36.) What installation do you do on a fresh hard drive?
Clean Install

37.) If a computer is dedicated to a specific service, what is it called? A Server

38.) To keep track of a users actions on a network is called? Auditing

39.) Which control panel applet allows you to change or add a computer to a domain? System

40.) A Logical Unit where computers share the same security? Domain

41.) In Windows Server 2008, Where do you edit IPv4?
Network and Sharing Center

42.) Which Control Panel Applet is used to install printers on Windows Server 2008? Devices and Printers

43.) True or False: You can find sys information in Event Viewer. False

44.) What service needs to be running to provide file sharing? Server

45.) Which RAID version is known as mirroring?

46.) Where is the disk management MMC?
Server Manager

47.) What is it called when you have 2 or more hard drives to create fault tolerance? RAID

48.) With what program can you view logs?
Event Viewer

49.) What Converts a URL to an IP?
Domain Name...
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