nt1310 midterm

Topics: Optical fiber, Coaxial cable, Attenuation Pages: 5 (1089 words) Published: November 21, 2014
1. Name the common cable types used today
a. Utp
b. Stp
c. Fiber optic
d. plenum
2. What unit of measurement is a tenfold logarithmic ratio of power output to power input? a. Decibel
3. Name 3 things that can contribute to attenuation.
a. Conductor Resistance,
b. Mutual Capactitance,
c. Impedence.
d. other
4. Name 3 things that can contribute to attenuation.
a. Conductor Resistance, Mutual Capactitance, Impedence.
5. Name 3 types of crosstalk.
a. Near end cross talk, Far end Cross Talk, Equal Level Far end cross talk. Alien cross talk b. Mutual cross talk
6. Name an organization which is part of the US goverment and controls communications. a. FCC
b. Ieee
7. What is the National Fire Protection Association responsible for? a. The development of national electrical code
8. A telecommunications room can sometimes be referred to as what? a. An enclosed space for housing telecommunications equipment. 9. Backbone cabling includes what?
a. The physical/electrical interconnections between telecommunications rooms and equipment rooms. 10. What is NOT a network architecture commonly used today?
a. Topology is a network architecture
b. Hub
11. Name some characteristic about 10Base-T networking?
a. max cable length is 100 meters UTP
b. has 8 pin modular jack
c. has 2 pairs
12. According to the NEC, article 800.100, Primary protectors shall be grounded:\ a. The grounding conductor shall be insulated
13. What is an advantage of knowing and following the electrical and building codes? a. To not endanger the lives of building occupants
b. Helps with helping electricians and contractors
14. What is generally considered the weakest link in your network setup? a. Patch Cords
15. What is a benefit of a full equipment cabinet?
a. Physical Security, Cooling, and protection against EMI
16. What are punchdown blocks generally used for?
a. Telephone systems
b. To cross connect devices
17. What type of tool would be best for adding connectors to twisted-=pair cable? a. Crimper
18. What tool would be helpful to run cable through walls?
a. Fish tape
b. Fiberglass push rod
19. What is wire-pulling lubricant used for?
a. To allow cable to slide more easily over surfaces encountered during the cable pull. 20. Which additional tools might be handy to carry with you? a. Stud finder
b. basic screwdrivers,
c. hammer,
d. wrenches,
e. flashlight,
f. drill,
g. saw,
h. pocket knife,
i. tape measure,
j. face mask,
k. continuity tester,
l. gloves,
m. step ladder,
n. tool belt,
o. batteries
21. If the tip wire in your pair is white/blue, what color would you expect the ring to be? a. Blue
22. How many pairs of wires are in a binder group?
a. 25
23. Not a benefit of coaxial cabling.
a. It doesn’t make my breakfast
b. High attenuation
c. high bandwidth,
d. low attenuation,
e. easy to install
24. When pulling cable, what can you do to avoid damaging the cable? a. don’t exceed the bend radius,
b. don’t exceed the maximum pulling tension,
c. pull cables evenly,
d. run voice lines to a separate patch panel,
e. don’t twist the cable to tightly,
f. avoid pulling past sources of heat,
g. avoid sharp objects that may snap cables
h. d all of the above
25. Electromagnetic interference can be prevented by what?
a. don’t install cables in same panels as electric cables, b. right angles,
c. run through separate holes, proper separation
26. What is the main difference between fiber-optic and copper media? a. Fiber light laser
b. Copper media voltage
c. FO is immune to EMI, higher data rates, longer distances, more secure 27. Not an advantage over copper
a. Cost
28. What is the main disadvantage of fiber-optic and copper media? a. cost,
b. installation is difficult,
c. fragile
29. name the components of fiber-optic cables
a. strand, buffer, strength members, shielding, outer jacket, coating, cladding, core 30. What is added to fiber-optic cabling to provide...
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