Now Is the Time to Be Computer Literate

Topics: Computer, Server, Personal computer Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Now Is The Time To Be Computer Literate

Now is the time to become computer literate. Now is the time to become familiar and comfortable with the computer because in the future we will become virtually a paperless society and many daily activities will be linked to the computer.

Mail delivery to the home and business will be almost entirely phased out and e-mail will replace it. Bills will come via the computer and paid the same way. Pay checks will be electronically deposited to your bank account. On special occasions such as birthdays, greeting cards will be sent from your computer to your loved ones computer.

Shopping malls will become cyber malls and we will do our shopping via the computer. You will be able to view on your monitor how you would look in a certain outfit you are considering to buy. Imagine traveling over the entire mall in a comfortable in front of your computer. Push a button and the entire stock of a store will be at your finger tips. When you do go to a store to shop you will not use money. You will use either a credit card or debit card which will automatically deduct the amount if you purchase from your bank account.

Our homes will be run by computers. Computers will adjust the temperature. Home appliances will be linked to the computer. Imagine driving home from work and calling your computer and having it start dinner for you. Have it adjust the temperature so your home will be a comfortable temperature when you arrive. Window covering will be adjusted to allow the correct amount of sunlight in. Light fixtures will automatically adjust to the right level of light in your home.

The way of business conducted be entirely changed. Instead of long distance business trips, business will be conducted via interactive tele- conferences. Documents and files will be stored on computers hard drives. Much of this is done today but in the future it will expand as we become a paperless society.

Many workers will not...
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