Inf 103 Computer Literacy Week 3

Topics: 21st century, E-mail, Facebook Pages: 1 (409 words) Published: June 15, 2012
Ubiquitous Computing and Your Privacy
Keep in mind that technology is everywhere all the time (ubiquitous) because of the onset of smartphones, and other mobile devices. You have a 21st century phenomenon. But, is what Scott McNealy said true? Cite and explain examples that support and argue this statement. McNealy is right when he says that we have less privacy than most of us think we have, but for him to say we should “get over it” is wrong, because we do have a desire to keep private things private. Today, we don’t have as much privacy as we use to, because of the way technology is changing and the advancements of the world. I believe that you are only as private as you want to be. What I mean about that is; if you want to get on Facebook, MySpace, send emails, and so on to friends and other people on these networks discussing all of your personal business and things that are happening in your life , then your information is no longer private. That means once you send something to others, it is out there in cyberspace forever and will never return. I have had an experience with the use of Facebook. I had an account and wanted to delete my page, so in order to do so there are questions that you have to select for the reason why you no longer want your page. Then, I chose the reason for deleting my page and a message came back saying that your page has been deactivated, and at anytime you can use your email address and password to come back. So, I waited about three months to see if I had to do a new page and the only thing I had to do was enter my email address and password. I no longer use my Facebook account, because I feel that it is not private enough and if I want to communicate with friends and family I can call them. “Zuckerberg said, that users are just going to have to trust services like Facebook with their data,” which is up to the individual to decide before posting whatever online. Arthur Miller a famous writer said the “Maybe all one can do is...
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