not without my daughter

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Not Without My Daughter is a film released in 1991 depicting the escape of American citizen Betty Mahmoody and her daughter from her husband in Iran. The film was shot in the United States, Turkey and Israel, and the main characters Betty Mahmoody and Sayed Bozorg "Moody" Mahmoody are played by Sally Field and Alfred Molina, respectively. Sheila Rosenthal and Roshan Seth star as Mahtob Mahmoody and Houssein the smuggler, respectively. The film has been criticized for its alleged misrepresentation of Muslim Iranians and of Iranian culture.

In 1984, Betty Mahmoody's husband took his wife and daughter to meet his family in Iran. He swore they would be safe. They would be happy. They would be free to leave. He lied.[1]

An Iranian physician, Sayed Bozorg "Moody" Mahmoody wants to move to Iran with his American family. He claims that his Iranian family wants to meet his wife Betty and daughter Mahtob, and asks them to come with him for a two week visit. Despite her deep fears about visiting Iran, Betty reluctantly agrees.

When in Tehran, Moody announces to his wife that he wishes for them to stay in Iran. Betty has been deceived by her husband, even though Moody took an oath that they would return to America, swearing "on the sacred Quran".

Moody becomes hostile and abusive, preventing her from leaving the house or using the telephone. Betty briefly manages to visit the American Interests Section of the Swiss Embassy, but is told that she is now an Iranian citizen since she is married to an Iranian. In Iran she has no parental rights over her daughter.
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