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The Crucible Act 1 Journal Entry

By nicoleradabaugh Dec 11, 2013 505 Words
Journal Entry #1
Integrity is a virtue that has always been around and it is an important characteristic to have. In the play, The Crucible, Tituba finally confesses to who all saw the devil. When she fessed up, Betty, Abigail and Parris all joined in and were being honest to Mr. Putnam. This started a whole other issue in now punishing those who encountered the devil. The virtue of integrity is still so present today in society. Integrity is to be honest about something even though it may hurt you. It is also doing the right thing even when no one is watching. In today’s society, people have to have integrity. This makes other people want to trust you when you have a trustworthy quality. Sadly, it is less common now but there are still people who are full of integrity and it is such a great thing.

Journal Entry #2

Abigail Williams exemplifies integrity because she admitted to Parris that she had danced and encountered the devil. She says, “Uncle, we did dance; let you tell them I confessed it— and I’ll be whipped if I must be.” She is admitting to the fact that yes, she did dance in the woods and this could have contributed to Betty’s sickness. Parris needed to know if she had danced because then Betty’s sickness wouldn’t have just been that she was sick but that maybe she was possessed by the devil. This example of integrity was a very hard thing for Abigail to do but it was best for everyone for her to confess this sin.

Journal Entry #3

Betty opened up at the end of the act as she wakes up and starts naming those involved in the devil dancing. The rest of the characters were so happy that she was wakened and the fact that she knew some of the women involved in the dancing and who was out in the forest that day. She said, “I saw George Jacobs with the devil! I saw Goody Howe with the devil! I saw Martha Bellows with the devil I saw Alice Barrow with the devil…” This gave Parris and Mr. Putnam an idea of who all was involved the day they were dancing in the forest.

Journal Entry #4

Mr. Putnam displays a great deal of integrity. He does not keep secrets and he is a very responsible man. As soon as he finds out who all was involved in the dancing, he decides to contact the marshal and to get these people taken care of so there will not be another incident like this one. He says, “The marshal, I’ll call the marshal,” as Parris is thanking the lord for all the information that has been given to them. They want to punish these people before they get a chance to go dancing in the forest again and make anyone else ill. It is a dangerous thing that these people got involved in and the integrity of Putnam will save many people.

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