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Topics: Universe, Earth, Adam and Eve Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Compare the Iroquois Creation Story with the Judeo-Christian version with Adam and Eve. What are the differences and similarities? Iroquois stories typically focus on the conception of the Earth as opposed to the creation of existence itself. Also common is the theme of the Earth as the back of a turtle. “Another request was presented, who would be capable to secure the woman from the terrors of the great water, but none was able to but the large turtle came forward and made purpose to endure her lasting weight.” (19) Iroquois story told of “a woman conceived and would have the twin born.” (18) The woman in Iroquois stories gave birth to the infant twin being “ENGIGORIO, i.e. the good mind and gentle disposition and ENIGONHAHETGEA, i.e. the bad mind the other youth possessed and insolence of character.” (19) These stories differ in that the Iroquois stories woman was already created however Adam and Eve there was no life until God created it. The Judeo-Christian story does not speak of two brother conflict to rule the earth and heavens above and the struggle for power between the two. However the Iroquois’ story speaks of a “upper would inhabited by mankind; and a lower world of great darkness.” (18) The Judeo-Christians story is that God created man in the image of himself and he was the only being, creating the universe but the Iroquois story told of “two world in existence.” (18) As if they were already created and not in the Image of God because the woman from the sky “when her travel grew near” already existed. The Iroquois story tells of the conflict between brother and “the bad mind” sinks to the lower world to rule while “the good mind” rules the upper world, it makes a clear distinction that there are two men however, the Judeo-Christian seem to refer to evil as a serpent seeming because God only man one man in his like ness being himself the evil being doesn’t seem to exist. To me the two stories do do not seem similar at all them seem to differ...
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