North or South? Civil War.

Topics: Confederate States of America, Southern United States, American Civil War Pages: 3 (1090 words) Published: January 9, 2011
“At any time, the South can raise, equip, and maintain in the field, a larger army than any Power of the earth can send against her, and an army of soldiers men brought up on horseback, with guns in their hands.” (from Senator James Henry Hammond's “Cotton is King,” Document Library, March 4, 1858) The Confederates have their advantages and weaknesses in their economy, diplomacy, and military and so do the Union. However, the Confederacy stood above the Union with their advantages of the southern states. They were determined to protect their laws to maintain the efficiency of their country after secession from the Union. The Confederacy was better equipped and more prepared to win the Civil War.

Although the Union had some advantages in their economy, the Confederacy was better equipped economically. In their economy, the southern states had better agricultural production for their values of farmland ranging from about zero dollars up to four hundred and fifty millions of dollars; and the abundance of crops such as temp, rice, cane sugar, and tobacco in Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, and Missouri. (Interactive Map for Agriculture) The values of the southern farmland could be used so it can be sold to other people or countries when they needed more money for the expenses of the war. Also, the abundance of crops can be sold for money which could be used to help out the Confederacy or it can be used as a resource for soldiers during the war. The southern states were doing well economically because of their cotton production of five to forty-five bales of cotton per square miles. (Interactive Map for Cotton Production) Since their farmland had great value it meant that they have a great amount of land for the land to be worth a lot which allows their production of cotton to expand even more. The production of cotton helps them earn profits which can be used for the war and cotton can be used to make clothing for soldiers. The crops could be...
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