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Topics: Confederate States of America, American Civil War, North Carolina Pages: 2 (823 words) Published: December 9, 2012
The Civil War and the South
The Civil War, still called the war for southern independence by many people, was a defining moment in this great nation’s history. The “United States” did not become a common term until after the civil war. The war created a coast to coast nation that would forever be united. The Civil War changed this nation forever, but through that process many great people were able prosper. For example, Abraham Galloway started his life as a slave, but became politicians to fight for the freedom of others, as well as, Stephen Dodson Ramseur, who was a well educated man who became a great leader for the confederacy. These men came from different walks of life, but through the turmoil the Civil War brought to North Carolina both of their lives would change forever. Born in Smithville NC, the son of a bondwoman and a white ship’s pilot, Abraham Galloway grew to manhood as a slave brick mason. At age 20 he escaped from bondage, hiding in the hold of a north-bound ship, eventually reaching Canada – and freedom. Galloway emerged quickly as a militant abolitionist and activist. During the Civil War, Galloway spied for the Union Army in Virginia, North Carolina and the Mississippi River Valley. Although Confederates captured him, the feisty and elusive spy resurfaced in New Bern NC. Galloway, though skeptical of the Union’s commitment to the black freedom struggle, recruited fugitive slaves for the U.S. Colored Troops. Galloway quickly established a national reputation as an outspoken champion of civil and political rights for the freed people of color and women. He led a delegation of blacks who petitioned Lincoln for black rights and attended the National Convention of Colored Men of the United States in Syracuse, N.Y. Galloway lectured widely, advocating equal rights and the importance of mobilizing grassroots black support in the occupied South. Galloway organized the first Equal Rights League chapters nationally, in New Bern and Morehead City....
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