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125730071120Character analysis: Norma Jean Character analysis: Norma Jean

In “Shiloh” by Bobbie Ann Mason, we are introduced to 34-year-old Norma Jean. A married woman since the age of 18 years of age to her husband Leroy Moffit. In the story we learn that she had given birth to their son, but dies suddenly which caused a rift in the marriage. The only thing that kept the marriage afloat was Leroy not being home, but now Leroy’s permanent stays at home causes Norma wanting her independence and ultimately her decision to leave Leroy .We see her desire for independence grow, as she tries to improve herself, her inability to communicate with Leroy, and Norma’s unhappiness with Leroy being home From the beginning, we see Norma constantly trying to better herself. In the story we see Norma take up body building as a hobby and going back to school. “Norma Jean is going to night school. She has graduated from her six-week body-building course and now is taking an adult education course in composition at Paducah community college.” (Mason 73) These decisions she makes shows us, her desire to improve health and education level, but to also be finally making something out off herself other than just a house wife. These changes she is going through show us her trying to gain her own independence. In the story we can clearly see the communication dysfunction in the marriage. Since the death of their newborn Randy, Norma and Leroy’s marriage has gone south. “They never speak about their memories of Randy, which have almost faded.” (Mason) Both Norma and Leroy are unable to talk about their son, other than that both never seem to have a real conversation throughout the story. When they both interact with each other they conversation are bland, they talk to each other like strangers just having short and quick answers. Never talking him about how she really feels. Finally the reason for change in...
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