Nora's Individualism

Topics: Marriage, Husband, Love Pages: 3 (1292 words) Published: December 4, 2013

Nora’s Individualism

Women in the 19th century live in the shadows of men. They don’t have occupations. Their gender role was to cook, clean, shop for the household, and to care for the children. They were expected to find a suitor; this man would take care of the family financially. Women were submissive to their husbands back then. They didn’t stand up for their rights or voice their opinions. Women catered to their husbands. Nora is submissive to Torvalds’s needs. The play is about Nora’s behavior to her husband. She submits to him and is a mother to their children. She is unhappy as a caretaker. She over enthusiastic personality throughout the play seems forced. She feels she has no purpose in life, being a mother or housewife isn’t fulfilling her needs. She lacks being a mother the nannies constantly look after the children. She is searching for her true self subconsciously in the beginning of the play. Due to her upbringing, Nora has been raised to live under a man, to be submissive to them. Nora doesn’t know any other way than being an oppressed woman. The way Nora grew up influences her behavior now as an adult. She grew up wealthy, her father took care of her, and then she married Helmer at any early age. Nora says to Torvald ” When I lived at home with Papa, he gave me his opinion about everything, she had the same opinions and if I didn’t I keep my mouth shut he wouldn’t have liked it. And then I came to live in your house. I was just passed from Papa’s hands to yours. You arranged everything according to your own taste, and I choose the same tastes as you. Or else I pretended to” (Ibsen 1167). Nora was raised by her father to live under a man. She transitioned from living with her father and now to her husband, Torvald. Through this realization she isn’t content with her well-being. Nora appears to be happy on the outside, she is not deep inside. Her personality is over exaggerated to all. It’s apparent that it is ungenuine. She is quite...
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