Compare and Contrast Five Stories to "A Dolls House"

Topics: Marriage, Family, A Doll's House Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: May 3, 2012
Compare and Contrast
In “A Doll’s House” Torvald Helmer and Nora start out to seem as a happy married couple with three young children. In the beginning Nora is seen as woman who cares about her children and her husband but someone who also cares greatly about money. Torvald is seen as a man who is important in the society. Nora was portrayed as a very caring wife when it is revealed that she borrowed money illegally from Krogstad to fund the trip to Italy to try and save her husband life because he was sick. Once Krogstad begins to try and blackmail her Nora tries everything in her power to prevent Torvald from discovering the truth so that his pride and reputation would not be hurt or challenged. When Torvald finally discovers the truth about his wife Nora borrowing the money illegally, he was told that the money was from Nora’s father; he became enraged and insulted her by saying things such as “I won’t let you bring up the children” and “Now you’ve destroyed all my happiness. You’ve ruined my whole future.” (Ibsen). After Torvald discovers that Krogstad returned the contract, which Nora forged with her father’s signature, he is filled with happiness and tries to dismiss all the insults that he said to Nora. Nora snapped inside and decided to leave Torvald, she declared that she was going to “stand completely on my own, if I’m going to understand myself and everything around me.” (Ibsen). After she finished talking finally and explaining herself she left her husband, three children, and everything he had given her behind. In the short story “shiloh” Norma Jean Moffitt and Leroy Moffitt is a married couple who just like Nora and Trovald have deep rooted problems that they never talk about. The roles have flipped in the story Leroy now being home and no longer working only working on his crafts has made him more into the house wife who stays at home and Norma begins to demonstrate masculine traits by enrolling into a bodybuilding class, flexing her biceps to...

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