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Marketing Mix
Marketing mix is when the right product is put in the right place, at the right time, and at the right price. When an organization or company creates a product that attracts individuals and put it on sale or offer it to individuals it should may be place at a price in which it matches the value of the product and is worth what the consumers or individuals get out of it. The 4 Ps of marketing and the marketing mix are sometimes used as synonyms for one another because they are close to being the same thing. The 4 Ps of marketing mix are product, place, price, and promotion. Each component of the marketing mix has some type of importance and are given an equal abundance of importance. In the marketing mix the customer is the most important piece of the marketing strategy however it is not included because all the components are aimed toward the target. A company that I think would represent for a good marketing mix is Apple. They are about pleasing their customers and making sure that they are aware of the products that they have to offer. Prices are adjusted to make sure that things are affordable and sometimes to bring in new customers. Surveys are completed at times to see what it is that the customer wants and what satisfies the customer. The customers have a say so in the product and the company value their opinion. The product-

The product is built on tangible as well as intangible goods and services that are produced by the company. The product component of the mix includes the services and product, the warranty, repairs, and etc. The brand name of the product is important as well as the quality. When offering a product to a group or individual it has to be in order and serve a great purpose for the customers. It has to be presentable and attainable by the customers. The product that is provided is based on the likes and needs of the customers. The price-

The price component of the mix determines what the price of the product should be. It...

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