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1.1 Background
This section will present detailed explaination of non resident,spend and money and description of how do non resident of student UITM Arau spend their money. 1.2.1 Definition of non-resident, spend and money.

“Non resident student” is any student who is not residing within the school district with intent to make his residence within the school district a permanent residence. Student who only move into the school district on a temporary basis for the convinience of attending school without intent to permanently reside in the distict and who generally leave the school district during summers and times when school is not in session to return to their parents home or other place of permanent residence, will not be considered residents of district. Definition of spend is to expand money or any other possession, to consume to pay money usually in exchange of goods or services. Money is anything of value that serves as a generally accepted medium of financial exchange, legal tender for repayment of debt, standart of value, unit of accounting measure and means to save or store purchasing power.

1.1.2 The description of how do non resident student spend their money.
How do non resident students spend their money?.College students often struggle financially during their academic careers. Because attending college as a full-time student is similar to having a full-time job, with homework and studying for tests on top of attending classes, many students find that they do not have enough time to hold a job while they attend school. Even those students who do work during college must often use the money to pay their tuition and living expenses.Many, if not most, college students will agree that college is expensive. WIth the rising cost of expenses and the need for new textbooks every semester, college can suck the living life out of a student's checking or savings account. Some students are very thrifty and are careful with their money. So, these students will obviously need less money than those who are always spending money. 1.2 Term of reference.

On 12 september 2012, En Azaharee Bin Abdullah BEL 422 lecturer from Akademi Pengajian Bahasa, UITM perlis, requested a team of students leds by a leader, on our group Nurulatika Bt Sazzeli who a leader to conduct a research and prepare a report on how do non resident student spend their money. This report has to include background information and detailed statistical data with solid finding and to be concluded and submitted with recommendation on week 12.

1.3 The method, scope and purpose of the report.

We have conducted our survey on all non-resident students who stay out from the collage. This survey is find out on all non-resident student that stay located nearly UITM, Arau Perlis for example Taman Sri Wang, Taman Sri Arau , RPA , and Mata Ayer .To get details answer for the questionnaire we have to go house by house to give our questionnaire to them. This is very important to us to find out more details about our problem. This survey is found out in 2 weeks. Research helps us to find the details information we need. The more you know about the research, the easier to do the report. By doing research we may find that we’re not heading in the right direction. Research will give us advance warning so that we can adjust our report and still land on target. Research helps us to know what to expect before we decide. In this research we want to find out the details information from the questionnaire that we have given to the respondent. Before make further research we have to fully understand what problem we are trying to solve is very common and this tendency seems to be particularly prevalent when it comes to communication strategies. The purpose of this research is to identify how non-resident student of UITM manage their money , to identify how much do non-resident of UITM spend their money for every month...

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