nokis reverse logistic

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NOKIA: Reverse logistic & recycling
Nokia is one of the biggest mobile manufacturers in world. Nokia works with carefully selected companies who reclaim materials from the phones and accessories. It passes on to third party recycling or recycles itself. These companies are assessed on a regular basis to make sure anything handed to them is recycled responsibly. It has been running take-back campaigns since the late 1990s and regularly works with environmental organizations or non-governmental organizations such as WWF to increase consumer awareness in different markets around the world. It also works with others in their industry to improve recycling standards. Nokia supports the concept of individual producer responsibility. In order for them to carry out responsibilities it need others in the value chain, like consumers and retailers, to commit to bring back old mobile phones and accessories for responsible recycling. Nokia’s e-waste takes back programs worldwide

• Which programs are mandatory and which are voluntary & how they vary • How does reverse logistics operate?
• Partnerships with retailers, municipalities, schools, state governments, other organizations • What are Nokia’s vendor requirements?
• How the take back programs do or don’t support closed-loop manufacturing • Manufacturers’ experiences with secondary materials markets

Main Points:
1. Reverse Logistic
1.1. From customer to authorized recycling collection centres e.g. retail shops, service centres : Data from retail shops and centres, Survey for the actual data, questionnaire preparation 1.2. From collection centres to distribution centres or respective points in reverse logistic: Contacting and visiting distribution centres and information collection 1.3. To final recycling plants: secondary data

2. Recycling :
2.1. Cost benefit
2.2. Precious material extractions
2.3. Environmental impact
2.4. Sustainable growth
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