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McDonald’s – Business Strategy in India
The starting point for McDonald's India was to change Indian consumers' perceptions, which Associated it with being 'foreign', 'American', ‘not knowing what to expect' and 'discomfort with the New or different' McDonald's wanted to position itself as 'Indian' and a promoter of 'family values and culture', as well as being 'comfortable and easy'. Simultaneously, the brand wanted to communicate that, operationally, it was committed to maintaining a quality service, cleanliness and offering value for Money. "Products like McAloo Tikki burger, Veg Pizza McPuff and Chicken McGrill burger Were formulated and introduced using spices favored by Indians. The menu development team has Been responsible for special sauces which use local spices do not contain beef and pork. Other Products do not contain eggs and are 100% vegetarian. The Indianized products have been so well Received that we even export McAloo Tikki burger and Veg. Pizza McPuff™ to the Middle East."However the company did not escape food criticism in the country. For instance, it hurt the religious sentiments of Indians by using beef flavoring for its "Vegetarian" French Fries.

Cross Cultural Analysis:
The McDonald’s is American fast food company did his job and they understand Indian cultural by knowing India’s Norms and Values they build trust in Indian market. They use logo like McDonald’s is family restaurant and not contain any animal food and they build Trust and civil society is necessary in order to create trust between people and state.

In India many religions are living together and McDonalds also understand cultural by not using beef and poke in food in India in cultural not allowed and strike to not eat beef and poke. They create Trust in customer in their food is not contain beef or poke. My point of view they maintain cultural rules and trust in Indian market for business.
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