No Child Left Behind Act (Nclb)

Topics: No Child Left Behind Act, Assessment, Education Pages: 2 (857 words) Published: February 25, 2007
No Child left Behind Act (NCLB)

In 2002, President Bush signed into law No Child Left Behind Act, to ensure that every state is testing every child. ( Students from culturally, and linguistically backgrounds, expanding access to tutoring, help parents to get information in time for their children. Our children must be equipped with the knowledge and skills to compete in the global economy. (Judy,R.,Reading in content,2006) It is important to be aware of cultural mismatch and prejudice and its effects on your students academic performance and cultural identities. The use of assessment materials and procedures should be selected and used so that they do not show discriminate racially or culturally towards the student due to language difficulties. These students have unusual difficulties with learning a new language; they are faced with poor understanding, limited vocabulary, and will be placed in special education classes. The NCLB Act was put into place to help these students to stay on grade level and academic success. Compared to the lesson framework under PAR instructions, students that are culturally and linguistically challenged will prosper from the preparation step, this is where teachers need to consider text problems and student background of knowledge. Then the teacher moves to the assistance step, this is where an instructional context for the lesson is provided. The reflection step, teaches the use of material that was read to provide extension, enrichment, and critical thinking opportunities. (Judy, S. Sixth Edition pg. 15-16, 122, 123, 2006) Many students need extra help or time on certain subjects, NCLB will expand access to tutoring to ensure that parents will be notified if and when the students began to need extra help in academic assessments. Before a child can learn, they must learn to read and comprehend what is being read. To often students are unaware of what they are preparing...
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