Nivea for Men: Developing a Marketing Plan Answer Sheet

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Developing a marketing planTHE TIMES 100
Edition 14
Nivea For Men: Developing a marketing plan Answer sheet

1. What is the difference between product range and product mix? The product range are the different types of products from one particular category e.g. drinks orange, lemonade, raspberry, whereas product mix are the different categories of product that are sold e.g. drinks, sandwiches, fruit etc 2. How would the increase in marketing awareness affect Nivea s day to day operations? More staff, more sales, more products needed, extra deliveries, more staff, more room for storage. 3. Why is the FHM Grooming Award a good thing for Nivea? FHM has a large readership level, the majority of readers care about their appearance and therefore Nivea may benefit from extra sales due to its recognition of enhancing appearance. 4. Why is it important for Nivea to identify a market segment? It can develop strategies for specific people, save money and have a higher success rate. 5. Above-the-line and Below-the-line promotion are prominent with Nivea. Why is this important? So that Nivea can get their message across to the masses through the various media and also build affinity and relationships with it customers and potential customers. 6. What was the male skincare products market worth in 2008? Male skincare products were worth £117m 7. In 1998 annual sales of skincare products were worth £68m. In 2008 they are now worth £117m. What is the percentage increase in annual sales? 172% (117 / 68) X 100 8. What is the percentage increase in male facial products? £7.3m to £49m = 49/ 7.3 X100 = 671% 9. Why are marketing plans used? A marketing plan is used to identify, anticipate and satisfy consumers need. If a marketing plan is used, the business will know what the consumer wants, and will sell appropriate products which will increase revenue for the business.

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