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Topics: Marketing, Strategic planning, Marketing strategy Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: January 11, 2013
To succeed in this unit, you are required to undertake a study of strategic marketing in an organisation of your choice. Your findings will result in a report suitable for senior managers in the organisation. All of the work for the tasks below should be incorporated into one report. You may attach relevant appendices. Divide the report into sections with appropriate headings. Use appropriate referencing and add a bibliography. Task 1: Choose an organisation for your research. Identify a current issue that will impact on the organisation. Agree the choice of organisation and issue with your tutor. Task 2: Undertake a detailed analysis of the organisation’s current strategic marketing using both internal and external environmental analyses and demonstrating how the chosen issue might impact on the organisation. Explain the organisation’s approach to positioning in the marketplace. Explain why you have chosen particular types of analysis and how the internal and external analyses integrate. Task 3: Discuss the decisions and choices at corporate level that will arise from the strategic marketing analysis you have undertaken. Assess how these decisions will influence marketing at all levels. Task 4: Make recommendations for marketing strategies that will contribute to the competitive advantage of your chosen organisation. These should be based on your research and findings. Justify your choice of strategies. Guidance

Task 1: Make sure that you choose organisations which have marketing information in the public domain or will provide access to information. For example, some organisations publish annual reports which include strategic objectives. Examples of current issues include changes in technology, economic conditions, changes in legislation and new competitors. You will need report writing skills. Task 2: Approaches to analysis are given in the indicative content of the unit. Task 3: Remember that corporate decisions impact on...
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