Nike Workers Intermidated by Armed Soldiers ( Essay Plan)

Topics: Ethics, Human rights, Business ethics Pages: 3 (634 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Nike workers claim military paid to intimidate them

Nike is a well-known worldwide company specialized in sports equipment, athletic shoes and apparel. It has become a pop culture icon which has over 60 % of market share(Nike, 2010) Nike,established in 1964 by the Knight and Bowerman(The Nike Information Source 2010).The leading company which claimed to be practicing Fair trade is blamed for mistreatment of their employees in Indonesia. So such behavior is inacceptable and not ethical. Therefore this essay will further discuss about the different approaches namely moral right, justice and utilitarian, that Nike company can adopt to be more responsible towards society and thus avoiding the damage of their image.

Nike acknowledges massive labor exploitation in its overseas sweatshops. Nike is underestimating its workers. Each year Nike pays Woods USD $25 million to endorse their products. Nike also sponsors many other high profile athletes and teams in multi-million dollar deals(Nike 2011) All the while the workers who make their product receive poverty wages and endure harsh working conditions (Nike 2013). This should not be done, because it’s unfair, not equitable and ethically not good(Weddell 2011, 148) The justice approach holds that moral decisions must be based on standards of equity, fairness, and impartiality. (Daft and Marcic 2010, 116) Indeed, Nike must use fair procedures to determine how to distribute outcomes to organizational members.

“Indonesia’s Nike factories have sought to deny their staff the new minimum wage by pressuring them to sign an agreement forfeiting their right to the pay increase.” (“Jakarta Globe” 2013). Nike workers claim to have been intimidated by armed soldiers(ABC news 2013) The moral rights is being violated. Nunes(2011) stated that Moral Rights Model is an ethic model for the decision taking that evaluates the decisions and behaviors, by its compatibility with the fundamental rights such as the...
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