Nike Strategic Audit

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I-Current Situation

A.Current Performance

•Robust financial position, $ 15 billion net Profit (See appendix B). •Market share around 47%.
•28,000 employee

B.Strategic posture

1. Mission

•To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.

2. Objectives
•Provide an environment which develops people to maximize their contribution to NIKE. •Identify focused consumer segment opportunities.
•Provide quality and innovative services and products internally and externally. •Establish and nurture relevant emotional ties with consumer segments. •Maximize profits.

3. Strategies
•How does Nike differentiate their product from those thousands of products in the market? •How do I know my product has been actually viewed and which location will be ideal for the product. •Nike is currently is expanding into emerging in new markets (sports) at the same time they are still focusing in innovating in their core product (footwear).

4. Policies
•Management practices rights of all employees, including the right to free association and collective bargaining. •Minimizing our impact on the environment
•Providing a safe and healthy workplace
•Promoting the health and well-being the employees

II - Corporate Governance

•Identify individuals qualified to become Board members.
•Recommend to the Board for approval director nominees to be proposed for election at the annual shareholder meeting. •Develop and recommend to the Board for approval a set of corporate governance guidelines and a code of business conduct and ethics, to enhance the integrity of NIKE's corporate governance. • Establish and review with the Board from time to time, the criteria for selecting new directors, which will be described in NIKE's corporate governance guidelines. • Identify, evaluate and recruit individuals qualified to be a director. • Recommend to the Board director nominees to be proposed for election at the annual meeting of shareholders, or for election by the Board to fill vacancies or newly-created directorships. • Review and make recommendations to the Board with respect to the size, structure, composition, compensation, processes, and practices of the Board and its committees. • Recommend to the Board nominees for appointment to each committee of the Board. • Develop and oversee orientation materials or programs for new Board members.

A.Board of Directors

•Experienced and well respected Americans most onboard since 1960's. •Good background in Business needs and requirements.
•Excellent communication and relationship with corporate and high officials. •Broad range of high-level skills and experience is desirable among members of the Board. •Must have extensive experience in Business, Education, Public Service, Professions. •It could be time to change the board members with young energetic professionals. •Familiarity with the operation and governance processes of a Board of a public corporation and the legal responsibilities of a director. •High-level knowledge in the consumer products industry, international business, finance, marketing, technology, law, or other fields important to the Company, which are complementary to, and balance, the knowledge of other Board members. •Understanding of the language or culture of non-English speaking countries. •12 members from the U.S and naturalized Americans and are as follows:

Mark G. Parker,John G. Connors,Timothy D. Cook,Jill K. Conway,Ralph D. DeNunzio , Alan B. Graf, Jr. , Douglas G. Houser, Jeanne P. Jackson,Philip H. Knight ,Johnathan A. Rodgers ,Orin C. Smith,John R. Thompson, Jr.

B.Top Management
•Very experienced in the industry.
•Responsible for current situations.
•May need new executives with innovative and creative...

Nike 10K Report
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