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Topics: Nike, Inc., Athletic shoe, Reebok Pages: 4 (1422 words) Published: November 23, 2008
Nike Athletic Shoe Industry {draw:frame} ”It is one of the most recognized symbols in the world-The swoosh. Simple.Fluid.Fast.” ( III. Overview of the Company and Brand A. Internal Analysis Company Overview: Marketing Strategy of Brand a. Brand description, product line overview classification Nike carries a wide selection of all kinds of athletic shoes. Running shoes, basketball shoes, casual shoes, trail shoes, and cross trainer shoes. Nike tends to be more on the expensive side when compared to otherathletic shoes brands in the market today, but with such a strong brand reputation people continue to buy them. It is hard to put a number on how many shoes Nike has manufactured since its start in 1970. It has put out such lines as Air Max, Air Jordan, Nike Shox, Nike Dunk, Air Force, etc….( b. Stage of product life cycle Nike is currently in the Maturity stage of the life cycle. Products that survive the earlier stages tend to spend the longest time in this phase. Although their sales are not decreasing, they are experience more price wars and greater competition from similar brands such as Reebox and Adidas (Nike Has a New Rival in Developing Markets). Nike has also shown some stabilization within their brand, they never drop dramatically and yet they never increase significantly ( Also, during this stage, promotion becomes more widespread therefore products use a greater variety of media and outlets. Nike has done this by using opening their own stores, going through retailers and using the internet. c. Goods Classification Nike would be considered a specialty good because of the strong brand loyalty thatis attached to the brand. If consumers go to one retailer to buy Nike and finds that the retailer is sold out, they will more likely go elsewhere until they find the brand. d. Sales history, demand and share of market According to, Nike’s sales history has only gotten better over the years. Since...
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