Marketing and New Technology Nike

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Xiaoming Xu

Our main strategy of Nike is to maintain Nike's market leadership. When Nike was introduced in 1990, Nike focused on marketing strategies and product offering through product differentiation. Till now, Nike currently owned 47% of the market share on the market because of its business strategies to achieve the success. It is very competitive in this industry like Puma, Adidas, New balance and so on. However, Every business has its own set of guidelines, processes and business cycle. In the four stages of business cycle, Nike has been through Start-up stage, Growth stage, and Maturity stage. Nike now reaches the maturity stage of the market and stay currently at the maturity stage. That means, It's very important for Nike to build up his brand identity and brand image of the business in order to maintain Nike's market leadership. It's so hard to get new customers in this maturity stage. Every business at some point of time may experiences the decline stage in the market. For Nike, they need to maintain its own distinctive competences and competitive advantage, but also have to create some innovated tactics to implement strategies to avoid the decline stage of the business.

Tactic 1: Create new innovation product, food wears.
Nike needs to create new and innovation product to differentiation from other competitors. Fashion trend and competitor in this industry are the biggest threats for Nike. So that I set up three programs to implement the first tactic to Nike.

Program 1: technology in products “Nike fit”
Technology development so fast in the society. Technology can makes the world earlier. Nike used Air technology in their Nike air collection. It was a very innovation technology in the industry. For the first program, Nike needs to came up with the new technology “Nike Fit” by 2012. Obesity is been the biggest in the world now. “Nike fit” is designed for some one who needs to loose weight by wearing this footwear. For this...
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