Night: Auschwitz Concentration Camp and Prisoners Indoctrination Benefit

Topics: Auschwitz concentration camp, Nazi concentration camps, The Holocaust Pages: 7 (2028 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Jane Smith
Miss Darr
AP English – Night
23 August 2013

Chapter 1

1. Describe Moshe the Beadle. Explain his relationship with the Jews of Sighet, particularly Eliezer. Moshe the Beadle is poor and not a local Jew. He is foreign and now lives in Sighet. He’s very shy but the people welcome him with open arms despite him being strange at times. He teaches some Kabbalah to Eliezer.

2. How does deportation change Moshe? How do others’ feelings toward him change? When he comes back, he is no longer shy as he once was. Moshe is now very outspoken about his experience when he left Sighet. He no longer talks about God. The people of Sighet now assume he is crazy.

3. Why are spirits among the Jews of Sighet relatively high at the beginning of Night? The spirits are relatively high because they think the Germans will not make it to Sighet. They believe the Germans won’t pursue past Budapest. They are also high because once the Germans arrive, they treat the Jews kindly.

4. Describe life in the Sighet ghettos.
There are two Sighet ghettos, one is small and one is large. Barbed wire surrounds them and they can’t leave their house for three or more days. All of them have to wear a yellow star and all valuables are taken. The two ghettos are each allowed to have their own republic.

5. Explain the opportunities for escape that the Wiesels miss before evacuation. One opportunity the Wiesels miss is when somebody from the Hungarian police knocked on their window. He was going to try and help them escape but they did not get to the window soon enough. They missed another opportunity when their maid offers them a place to hide. The third and final opportunity is when Eliezer tells his dad they should flee to Palestine but his dad refuses.

Chapter 2

6. Describe the ghetto evacuation and journey to Auschwitz. The ghetto evacuation starts off with all of the Jews waiting at the synagogue to wait. They soon get loaded into cattle cars that are quite crowded. There is little room which prevents them from sitting down. No food and water is present and that’s all they want due to how hot it is. The entire ride consists of Mrs. Schachter screaming that she sees fire. However, nobody else sees a fire. Once they arrive, they notice the crematorium where the Jews are burned.

7. Identify the first signs of the ability of humans to act inhuman under tremendous stress. The first sign of an inhuman act is when they are in the cattle cars. They try various ways to shut Mrs. Schachter up. While they attempt this, her son is present watching.

8. Interpret the significance of Madame Schachter’s insane warnings. The significance of her warnings are prophetic. When they arrive they smell burning bodies and see the smokestacks. It explains why she was screaming and that she wasn’t insane.

Chapter 3

9. Describe the first selection.
The first selection starts off with the men being sent to the left and the women being sent to the right. While this is happening, others are being shot and killed. It’s then decided who would work and who would be sent to be burned.

10. How do Eliezer and his father survive the first selection? Eliezer and his father survive by the help of a prisoner. Before they see the doctor, a prisoner approaches them and tells them to lie about their ages. Eliezer is to say he is 18 and his father is to say he is 40. This is so they seem more fit for work. Eliezer also says he is a farmer.

11. Explain the purpose of Birkenau.
Birkenau is where the Jews arrive for selection. It was the largest death camp during the Holocaust. It helped keep the congestion at a minimum at the main camp.

12. What ultimately causes the dramatic change in Eliezer’s religious faith at Birkenau? After seeing the fire and the experience of their first night at camp causes Eliezer to start to lose faith in God.

13. Describe Eliezer’s plan if he is selected for death at...
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