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Abraham: Passages from the sacred writings of
Judaism, Christianity and Islam

1. What is the call of (Abram) Abraham?
God said to Abraham that he would have many children and have a great nation. God will bless Abraham and curse those who curse Abe.

2. What is the meaning of the story of “The Command to Sacrifice Isaac”?

The meaning is to show that Abe valued God more than just his son. He did what God told him to do and god rewarded him by making his offspring plentiful like the stars.

3. Read “Hagar and Ishmael Sent Away.” Who are Hagar and Ishmael and what does God tell Abraham will happen to them? Hagar is Abe’s slave and Ishmael is Abe’s slave son. Sarah told Abe to cast them away and he did. When he did god told him that Ishmael will also have a great nation like Abe.

4. Read “The Gospel according to Matthew”. Describe the relationship of Abraham, David, and Jesus. Who was older and by approximately how much time?

Abe is older than David by 14 generation. David is older than Jesus by 28 generations.

5. Read the passages from The Qur’an. What role does Abraham play in Islam according to the translation?

Abe is to be worshiped, believed and respected.

Abraham: A Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths
1. Read (1). What is “the rock”?
The rock is what ties all the monotheistic religions together. The rock is a piece of land emerged out of water. It is a place of holiness.

2. Refer to the map in this packet, then read (2). What is the defining spiritual fact of Jerusalem? What do you think is an important consequence of this fact?

To look at a holy structure, one must also look at another at the same time. This means that Jerusalem is a holy place filled with holy things.

3. Read (3). List the different ways Abraham is described.
Linchpin of the arab-israeli conflict.
Centerpiece of the battle between the west and Islamic extremists. Biological father of 12 million Jews.

4. Read (4). All three religions celebrate Abraham’s offering of his son during their holiest holidays, “yet the religions can’t even agree on which son he tried to kill.” Why is the story of Abraham so important to Judaism, Christianity and Islam? Abraham is the first one to believe that there is only one god. Abraham is the threshold to the divine.

5. Read (5). What is your opinion on their discussion and ending question? Religion is not the important thing. It’s how humans can coexist as different followers of different religions. We have to bring peace to the world, not God. The more we care for someone, the closer we are to God.

6. Read “The Abrahamic Faiths” and list the similarities between the three faiths God is the absolute power. Everyone has one earthly life and life after death. Both say that God created the earth.

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