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Kieth: News you need to know.
JANE: Issues you need to be aware of.
K&J: You have the right to take part! This is E.S.P.N
Entertainment, Sports and Political News.

KIETH: Good day DREA!
JANE: Good day to you KIETH!
KIETH: Good day Philippines, Good day World.
JANE: Starting with the hottest controversies…

“Jed Madela in recovery after losing his voice.” -Award-winning singer Jed Madela is now “getting better” after losing his voice last month due to “overuse.”
He was advised by doctors to rest his voice for another month before starting work on his new album set for release this year.
JANE: To our dearest Jed Madela, we pray for your fast recovery. Moving on, “Kuya Germs suffers mild stroke”, for this news we have ANDREA MIRALLES live at St. Lukes Medical Center. DREA?

ANDREA: Yes JANE, I am here at St. Lukes Medical Center where veteran TV host and star-maker, “Kuya Germs” Moreno was rushed last Friday after suffering a mild stroke.

“His right leg is at 50% mobility. 0% on his right arm and a bit slurry on his speech,” Moreno’s son, Federico Moreno, was quoted as saying in a report on PEP.

His son assured that the Master Showman is now okay adding that he just cannot entertain any calls or guests for the coming days.

This is ANDREA MIRALLESreporting live at St. Lukes Medical Center. Back to you JANE.

JANE: Thank you DREA.

KIETH: Next on the list, “Underground River spawns bustling trade.” Reporting this news, we have MARK CORPORAL live at Puerto Princesa. How are you there MARK?

MARK: Yes KIETH, it is quite hot here in Puerto Princesa as of the moment. Going back to the report, The tourist trade has been on the upswing in Puerto Princesa, the capital city of Palawan, and along scenic Sabang Beach, gateway to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park (popularly known as the Underground River), one of the new Seven Wonders of Nature.
One of the establishments benefiting from the popularity of the

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