Schiavo's Case Timeline

Topics: Terri Schiavo case, Supreme Court of the United States, Jeb Bush Pages: 5 (1946 words) Published: February 28, 2013
CASE: Artificial Nutrition and Hydration--
Questions Raised by the Schiavo Case”

Timeline of Schiavo Case

• February 25, 1990: Terri’s heart stops, most likely as a result of a potassium imbalance, causing severe brain damage • November 1992: Terri’s husband, Michael Schiavo, wins malpractice suit; awarded $700,000 for her care plus an additional $300,000 • February 14, 1993: Terri’s parents, Mary and Bob Schindler, and Michael have falling out over Terri’s care • July 29, 1993: Terri’s parents file petition to have Michael removed as guardian but the case is thrown out • May 1998: Michael files petition to remove Terri’s feeding tube • February 11, 2000: Circuit Judge George W. Greer rules feeding tube can be removed • January 24, 2001: 2nd District Court of Appeal upholds Greer’s decision • March 29, 2001: Judge Greer orders feeding tube to be removed 4/20/01 • April 18, 2001: Florida Supreme Court refuses to hear the case • April 20, 2001: U.S. District Judge Richard Lazzara grants the Schindlers a stay until 4/23/01 to exhaust legal options • April 23, 2001: U. S. Supreme Court refuses to hear the case • April 24, 2001: Feeding tube is removed from Terri

• April 26, 2001: Circuit Judge Frank Quesada orders physicians to reinstate the feeding tube; Schindlers pursue lawsuit against Michael accusing him of perjury for saying under oath that Terri would refuse life support • October 3, 2001: After hearing arguments from the Schindler’s attorneys citing seven doctors’ views that Terri can recover, the 2nd District Court of Appeal delays removal of feeding tube indefinitely • October 17, 2001: 2nd District Court of Appeal rules that five physicians can examine Terri to determine if she has any hope of recovery, two of which are picked by Schindlers, two by Michael, and one by court • October 12, 2002: Week long hearing begins with three physicians, including the one appointed by the courts, testifying that Terri is in a persistent vegetative state with no hope of recovery; physicians selected by the Schindlers argue to the contrary • November 22, 2002: Judge Greer rules there is no credible evidence that Terri can recover and orders the feeding tube to be removed 1/3/03 • December 13, 2002: Judge Greer stays order to remove feeding tube until the 2nd District Court of Appeal reviews the case • June 6, 2003: 2nd District Court of Appeal upholds Greer’s ruling and a week later refuses to rehear the case • August 22, 2003: Florida Supreme Court refuses to hear the case • September 17, 2003: Judge Greer sets date of 10/15/03 for removal of Terri’s feeding tube • October 7, 2003: Governor Jeb Bush files a federal court brief urging that Terri be kept alive • October 13, 2003: Protestors and Schindler family begin 24 hour vigil at Pinellas Park Hospice where Terri resides • October 14, 2003: Schindler’s attorneys declare legal options exhausted after 2nd District Court of Appeal again refuses to block the removal of Terri’s feeding tube • October 15, 2003: Physicians once again remove the feeding tube from Terri; Governor Bush vows to fight • October 20, 2003: Florida’s House of Representatives vote 68-23 to give Governor Bush authority to reinstate Terri’s feedings • October 21, 2003: Florida’s Senate passes measure by a 23-15 vote and Governor Bush orders feeding tube reinstated • October 29, 2003: Michael’s attorneys file suit stating that “Terri’s Law” granting Governor Bush authority to reinstate tube feedings is unconstitutional; lawyers for Governor Bush ask that the suit be thrown out but are denied • December 3, 2003: Terri turns 40 and Jay Wolfson, M.D., the court appointed Guardian ad Litem for Terri, issues his report recommending that Terri undergo swallowing tests and therapy but concurring that the evidence indicates Terri is in a PVS • December 22, 2003: Circuit Judge W. Douglas Baird...
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