New Year Celeration Between Vietnam and America

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New Year Holiday between the United States and Vietnam

New Years is an exciting holiday in many countries. It marks a new period of time with the pure and pristine beginning for individuals. Every country has a unique cultural celebration and specific traditions depending on where you live. However, there is a big difference between how Asian people and Western people celebrate New Year. The three most noticeable differences are in the preparation, travel and length of the holiday will be last.

The first big different between those two countries is the preparation for New Year Day. In the United States, they use the Gregorian calendar so people celebrate New Year on January first. Christmas day is an important holiday to American people. The preparation for New Year’s Day only begins after Christmas day, so it usually takes less than a week. Although there are only a few days to prepare for the New Year’s Day, American people it is still have a lot of time to do it. Most of people have prepared for the Christmas holiday, so they do not have to prepare much for New Year. Unlike American people, Vietnamese New Year, or “Tet,” usually happens between the middle of January and the beginning of February in the Gregorian calendar because we are using the Chinese calendar. “Tet” is an important holiday to Vietnamese people. It is a time for famers to take a break, and it is also a time for people to reunite with their families. The preparation for Tet usually is planned a month in advance. It starts at the beginning of December in the Chinese calendar. Vietnamese people are trying to clean the house, or paint new colors in order to welcome New Years, and make everything are new in the New Year Day. Besides that, they are buy food, flowers and sweets to keep during the next three days of Tet.

Another difference is where people will travel during the New Year holiday. Some American people like to go back to their family since the Christmas day...
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