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New Testament: Penta Summaries

By chaselandon3 Mar 31, 2015 775 Words
Chase Talley
New Testament 110-003

Acts Ch. 21-28 penta summaries

Chapters 21-25

In chapter 21 Paul takes off to go to Syria but is warned by some disciples in Tyre to not go to Jerusalem. In Caesarea Paul gets in some trouble and is told that he will be blinded and this is told by Agabus. Paul is willing at this point to give his life up for God. Later in chapter 22 Paul gives a sermon and tells pretty much his testimony and about how Christians were being persecuted. Paul then gets in trouble but then shows his Roman citizenship. In chapter 23 Paul rebukes the high priest. Paul is rescued by a Roman soldier and is told in a dream that he should go to Rome. In chapter 24 Paul is accused of going against the ways of the temple. Paul says that there were no witnesses so he should be free. Lastly in chapter 25 Paul gets put on trial again and Festus makes a speech trying to back up the ways of Paul.

Chapters 26-28

In chapter 26 Paul gives his testimony, which is against the Jewish accusers of Paul. He tells Moses predicted the coming of Christ. In chapter 27 Paul is taken to Crete. A storm came through when they were sailing and it gave Paul to talk to the people on the ship about God and Jesus. In chapter 28 Paul arrives in Malta and he is bitten by a snake. Everybody seems to think it is justice but he appeared to be unharmed and everyone was amazed. Paul heals the father of Publius and many others. Finally when Paul reaches Rome he met with Jewish leaders and again stresses Moses’ prediction of Christ. Paul then spends two years in Rome

Ephesians = Communal Meditations

In my group we discussed mainly chapter 1. Many people in my group wanted to talk about the concept of adoption and also God predestining us. "He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we would be holy and blameless before Him. In love He predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the kind intention of His will" (1:4-5). This verse is the verse we discussed for the most part My friends questioned if we were actually predestined and if we were then where does free will come into play. We also talked about Paul and how he teaches about the unity of believers and that took us to debate on whether we should have denominations or not.

In my thoughts Ephesians is one of my favorite books in the bible. I shared this with my prayer group and they were the ones who gave me feedback. I really like what Paul says in this book of the bible because it shows Paul’s great faith in the Lord even though he is locked up in jail. In the first three chapters Paul writes about how every believer has been chosen from God and that God has adopted us into His new kingdom. Chapters 4 and 5 talk more about how every believer has a job to live as a servant of Christ. (6:11) This verse tells you about the armor of God and the whole chapter tells you how to use it.

Philippians = Prayer Journal)

Lord, Please give me the strength that Paul had when he was in prison and the courage to strengthen your kingdom. If I have to suffer God then let me suffer in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you Jesus for making the ultimate sacrifice for a world full of sinful people. Thank you Lord for restoring mankind. Lord please help me not to be worldly and not to be prideful in anything I do but when I do brag its that I have a relationship with the Lord and that I get to spend eternity with Him.

In this prayer I pretty much prayed what Paul talks about in Philippians 1-4. Paul first off starts talking about how Christians need to suffer for the sake of Christ. And that this is what Jesus wants us to do because He first did this for us. In chapter tow Paul talks about how Jesus laid down his life for us so that we can once again be able to have relation with God. Chapter 3 Paul talks on the worldly things and how they do not matter in this life at all. In chapter 4 Paul talks about prayer and how every Christian should be always in prayer and being prayed for.

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