New Product Development and Understanding the Consumer Behaviour

Topics: Marketing, Sampling, Cluster sampling Pages: 15 (5101 words) Published: August 22, 2009
“Vision Future” is an enterprise operating in the areas of Outsourcing, Market Research, Brand & financial management. They are currently working across 6 locations across India viz. Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, and Patna with head office at Pune. Vision future contribute towards the growth of an organization and an individual by creating better ways of supporting business through an understanding of functional as well as industry specific expertise. They consistently work hard to add value to their clients and thereby thriving on “Vision of future” to provide high impact solutions to business in areas of Consulting & Process outsourcing. The company offers a high degree of expertise to support organizations process. The offerings spans from Activity Outsourcing across key process to consulting, branding, research and Financial consulting services. The company has to enter into market of New Delhi due to high demand of our services in Northern part of country andhas establish set up in Mid April 09, with high growth rate company is planning to set up 30 offices across nation by 2nd quarter of 2010 that would be in all state capitals and few other important cities. VISION 2012:

To evolve as a preferred Outsource &Support Services partner for business organizations. MISSION

The mission of Vision Future is to help its client take decisions on the basis of the best possible information And provide the super service for the job all time

Pioneer & conceived by professionals from various backgrounds each committed to the promotion of market research. In present globalization market it becomes very difficult for marketing people to measure the market, understand the consumer, take any decision and make any strategy without the help of marketing research. In the current scenario marketing research is no longer and isolated ivory tower operation but it is an integrated whole making a measure contribution to marketing in its own rights. So the role of marketing research organization, which can provide authentic research on which marketing people can really on inevitable keeping this view in mind, people from various field like management,, marketing research, engineer static's join together to cater the needs of marketing support services to Indian and multi-national corporate and thus evaluation of GNN took place. The GNN is one of the fast Growing premier agencies rending a vast range of services with highly qualified executive in the area of marketing research, thriving for full customer satisfaction beside marketing research. . Portfolio of Services:

The portfolio of work spans through a gamut of services to cater to today’s contemporary Human Resource needs. Whether it’s a small firm or a Fortune 500 company, one can easily find the services useful and most suitable. Few of Partners are

Coca-Cola, Nestle, ICICI Bank, SC, Yakult, and many.
They are into
Marketing Research
Brand Management
Business Solutions
Creating Supply chain
The focus of NOIDA operations is to provide Business Support to the clients and recruitment assistance for same and thereby helping them find best solution for there business. Marketing Research Process

Identify your Product
Prepare a model
Test questionnaire in Practical environment
The company seeks to distinguish themselves by providing the most possible flexibility and reliability in customer service as an intermediary, keeping the promise to give their customers-JUST-IN-TIME SERVICE. BRAND MANAGEMENT SERVICE

The Branding process can be categorized in three phases:
Planning – structure, focus, identify, prepare
Implementation – Apply
Closure – Select, offer,
They follow a carefully structured branding process, which start right from understanding the clients’ needs and functions all the way to follow-ups with both...
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