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Topics: Rhetoric, Logic, Analogy Pages: 13 (2199 words) Published: August 27, 2013
AP Language and Composition—Skills:

| | | |RHETORIC (1) The study and practice of effective communication. |Style: Diction, Syntax, Tone | |(2) The art of persuasion. "Acting on another through words." |Tone (DIDLS + attitude + organization) (DIDLS = diction, | |(James Moffet) (3) An insincere eloquence intended to win points |imagery, details, language, syntax) | |and manipulate others. (4) The art of analyzing all the choices | | |involving language that a writer, speaker, reader, or listener |Details (selection and presentation) | |might make in a situation so that the text becomes meaningful, | | |purposeful, and effective. (5) The specific features of texts, | | |written or spoken, that cause them to be meaningful, purposeful, |Diction | |and effective for readers or listeners in a situation. |Allusion | |Elements of Rhetoric: |Connotation—Denotation | |Modes of Discourse and Rhetorical Purpose: |Didactic | | |Image | |Students will primarily engage in writing in the following |Irony: Dramatic, Situational, Verbal | |rhetorical modes in preparation for university level writing |Mood | |courses: |Oxymoron | |Description | | |Narration |Figures of Speech | |Exposition: |Hyperbole | |Analysis |Metaphor | |Definition |Simile | |Causal Analysis |Imagery | |Compare/Contrast |Understatement | |Example |Symbol | |Illustration |Synecdoche | |Paraphrase |Metonymy | |Precis |Personification | |Process Analysis | | |Summary |Language | |Argumentation...
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