National Health Insurance

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National Health Insurance is a noble and noteworthy programme or exercise that was formulated by the government in order to address the pressing problems that have dogged the Health Care industry for decades on end. South Africa was poised at the threshold of implementing important and much obligatory alterations to its health structure; an alteration hinging on the ideology of communal commonality, even-handedness and equality. A National Health Insurance (NHI) was the medium that was proposed to put this change into fruition and as was anticipated to have a permanent and inveterate influence on the wellbeing of all South Africans. The guiding principle of NHI was to make certain that all and sundry had right to use apposite, competent and superior health care services. Proposed to be ushered in a time frame of about 14 years, such a scheme would need momentous revamp of the current service delivery systems, organizational and administrative structures. This essay will attempt to comprehend the consultation process followed before implementation, advancement and prospective strategies for the introduction of the NHI in South Africa. In view of the fact that the NHI Green Paper was launched in August 2011 significant development has been evident in putting together the ultimate NHI policy and in preparing South Africa’s health structure for the materialization of NHI. This essay will also delve into the growth in opposition to the main characteristics of the NHI’s progress as stated in the Green Paper. It also looks at contributions on important aspects and programmes that have been ear-marked for the thriving execution of NHI. It is inclusive of the following, along with others, administrative changes, hospital reimbursement reforms, formation of the Office for Health Standards Compliance; making sure that there is a national health facility audit, quality enhancement and accreditation, and reinforcement of district health establishments. Several obstacles and problems would be unavoidable but measures to alleviate these would be continually formulated; particularly, to bring continuity to the procedure of consultation, getting better with regards to communications (inclusive of the schedule for changes to take place), reinforcing omissions of the restructuring course in existing and prospective pilot communes and maintaining attention on impartiality to make certain that the introduction of NHI would make way to an acceptable and reasonable healthcare structure. Before one strives to decipher what transpired in the consultation process prior to the implementation of NHI, it is or grave importance that they understand the underlying principals as to why there was such a need for the NHI. The National Health Insurance (NHI) is a financing structure that would ascertain that the entire populace of SA (and legal long-term residents) are accorded vital healthcare services, in spite of of their employment position and aptitude to earn a direct fiscal payment to the NHI Fund. Healthcare is a person’s basic right – this being the commonly acknowledged global law. This right should however not be solely dependant on how affluent one is or where we happen to live and or come from. The right to access basic healthcare services is indeed engraved in the Constitution of the Republic Of South Africa. However, a great number of South African citizens are victims of untimely deaths and endure unwarranted suffering from poor health. Containable ailments are not being contained swiftly and treatable illnesses are not being treated. This nonetheless is happening despite the states concerted efforts form 1994 to make sure that everybody in South Africa has unbiased right to use essential healthcare services. There are still stern hiccups largely catalyzed by a distorted healthcare financing scheme. Without NHI, the unprecedented burden of ailments in South Africa would be near impossible to deal and cope...
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