New Age Religion: Mix of Religious and Philosophical Ideas

Topics: God, New Age, Religion Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: October 28, 2013
New Age religion is not a formal religion but a mix of numerous religious and philosophical ideas. New Age has no formal holy text, no central organisation, no dogma or creed. They believe that there is no evil. New Age Religion is becoming more popular as years go on. From 1996 till 2006 the number of people in New Age increased by 71%. The reason for the increase in number and importance in our society is based on 3 reasons. Reason one: society has changed so much in their answers for what is and what isn’t allowed. Mainstream religions go by rules that were created so many years ago. New Age religion caters for the evolving society as it allows people to move forward. Reason two: New Age Religion offers something new and different. Reason three: it is not a very organised religion. It is just a grouping of people that share similar beliefs. It is important that beliefs and values are growing and evolving with our constantly changing society. It is important to an individual as you can be more individual about your beliefs and values. You can pick from a selection of choices of what you believe in rather than being given a list of rules and beliefs that you must follow. 8% believe in astrology as a method of describing the future. 9% believe in tarot cards a s a method of determining life decisions. 8% define God as the greatest possible limit of human potential. 3% believe that each individual person is God. There are a number of mind and body beliefs held by many New Age Followers. Individuals are encouraged to adopt the beliefs and practices most suitable to them, meaning that they don’t have to hold every belief of the New Age movement. Some of the beliefs they are able to adopt are: Monism: all that exist is derived from a single source of divine energy , Pantheism: we all have God inside of us, Panentheism: God is everything, Reincarnation: after death we are reborn and live another life as a human, Karma: You get back what you give out, Aura: an...
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