Netiquette for Today’s Business Environment

Topics: Internet, E-mail, Mobile phone Pages: 5 (1413 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Netiquette for Today’s Business Environment

Staci T. Childers
BMIS 200

Table of Contents

p.3) Brief Summery

p.3) Introduction to Netiquette

p.3-4) Consideration

p.4) E-Mail Etiquette

p.4-5) Junk Email/Spam

p. 5) Company Disclaimers

p. 5-6) Social Media Outlets

p.6) Mobile Netiquette

p.6) Conclusion

p.7) References

Netiquette for Today’s Business Environment

Etiquette for the internet, or netiquette, has been around as long as social interaction on the internet has existed. As the name perceives, there are ways you should conduct yourself on the internet as you would if you were face to face with someone. It’s easy to forget that while staring at a computer screen that there is a person on the other end. For a business that in turn can be a huge customer service mistake. There are several things that a business that conducts itself through email or chat should consider. How will a customer perceive a chat response before you send it? How do they see your website? A basic rule for netiquette in any customer service situation is to have and to show consideration for the other party. You must consider how a person will perceive what you are about to say to them. In any customer service situation where the customer is irate, they more than likely are not frustrated with you as an individual but with the product or service the business you work for. You must ask yourself: “How would I feel in this situation, if I received this message?” If you simply ask yourself that, you will more than likely do a better job at communicating with someone. While typing out an email that is business or customer service related, there are a few simply things that need to be done. First always put something in the subject box. Second, messages that arrive with no indication of source and no subject are more than likely going to be treated as junk mail. Third, do not send attachments, unless the person you are corresponding with is aware that there is a possibility of one. For a formal proposal, contract or offer, emails should have a letterhead. However, they should be used sparingly and kept short. There are also some other basic things that shouldn’t be done while conducting a business related email. Writing in CAPS or writing in a red color conveys the idea of yelling. It’s better to use asterisks to emphasize your works. Always check your spelling and grammar before sending your email out. If the email software that you are using doesn’t have a spell check on it, type your email with a word processing software that does have spell check then copy and paste your email to where it needs to go. Even if you cannot answer an email right away, it’s good to let the person know that you have received it and will reply to them as soon as you are able. While personal emails can be lengthy, business emails should be short and to the point. One big annoyance of using email is that some businesses use spam to try to gain customers. Nowadays, most software for emails contains a spam filter. Instead of sending a message, the best thing to do to market on the web is to get people to come to your website. One way to attract potential customers is to have free information for them, like pages of link related to your product of service. Some companies may not like the idea of giving away free information but in turn it the best form of advertising. For example, finding giveaways that would attractive to the kind of people who would by your goods or services would be a great way to attract customers to your website. Junk email obviously has a bad reputation and honest business cannot benefit from effectively from the use of email marketing. Businesses can only offer to email tips, newsletters, or product updates to subscribers for those who sign up. They should also always have an option to discontinuing the messages if the subscriber chooses. Many companies require their employees to insert a standard disclaimer...

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