Topics: Streaming media, Video on demand, Public relations Pages: 3 (1148 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Netflix is an e-commerce company that allows their company and customer’s the opportunity to form a good relationship by selling their products and services via the internet. Also it provides its customers the convenience of movie or show rental service from their homes. For the most part this type of business is considered business to consumer e-commerce. E-commerce provides a significant purpose for Netflix. Customers are provided with goods and services, an example of this is when a customer orders a movie and has it delivered by mail that customer doesn’t even have to step outside their door until they get the movie out of their mailbox. On the other hand customers can order a movie and have it streamed through their internet connection. Now that’s definitely what I call convenient. Having an effective e-commerce service is a very significant tool in attracting customers. Netflix is a subscription based movie and T.V. show rental service. Netflix originally began as an online version of a pay per rental model. Since then it has built a reputation of flat fee unlimited movie and T.V. rentals that didn’t have a due date or late fees. An additional service of Netflix that has since been added is video streaming. Originally video streaming came with no additional charge for regular subscribers. Unfortunately, only selected items are available for streaming. Netflix only offers a portion of available content which has proven to be a problem to some of their customers. Needless to say this is one area where Netflix definitely needs improvement. There should be an increase in the amount of videos being offered for streaming. In fact in February of 2011 Forbes had an article titled, “Netflix’s Lousy Selection of Movies,” granted the article is written from one person’s perspective none the less many customers share these views. Basically, the article starts off talking about how Frederick E. Allen keeps hearing how great Netflix is. He was under the impression that...
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