Nestle Cheese in Pakistan: Report on Product Launch

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Strategic Marketing Management

Final Project

Nestle Cheese



First of all we are thankful to Allah Almighty for bestowing us with the opportunity to study in such a prestigious university and reap the prospects of learning from such knowledgeable faculty.

Justice to my work would not have been done without acknowledging sincere and heartiest gratitude to our resource person, Mr.Mobin ul Haque for guiding us in the related work, finding time from their busy schedules and helping us.

We also admire each other for putting our best effort as a team in completing the project and helping eachother in the time of distress. We also want to thanks our friends and colleagues who supported us played a pivotal role in completion of this work.


The final project of Strategic Marketing Management is based on the idea of launching a new product in the local market of Pakistan. After the joint consensus we have reached to the idea of launching Nestlé Cheese in Pakistan which is not in the Pakistani market till date. For the launching of Nestlé Cheese in the local market we have to apply all the basic concepts of marketing and strategic marketing.

The reason for selecting the Nestlé Cheese to be launched in the Pakistan is that there is currently only three local brands that are working on the same product and among them are the brands like Haleeb, Nurpur and Adams. All these brands are also competing with Nestlé in the dairy industry. The current competition will change as soon as we will bring a Multinational food manufacturer in the market to compete in the cheese sector. We believe that Nestlé is being backed up with the state of the art manufacturing equipment and the years of expertise which will be the key strength along with the brand name itself” Nestlé”.

In order to get the desired results by launching the Nestlé Cheese in the market we need to put all the marketing tools and

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