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Negative Effects of Cell Phones

By messelfg Feb 20, 2012 285 Words
Negative Effects of Cell Phones

As the technology of cell phones is increasing rapidly, the negative effects on people is growing fast as well . The first effect is being distracted while operating a Vehicle. There are different kinds of distractions for using a cell phone while driving but the common one is visual distraction, which is watching a cell phone screen instead of the road and trying to reach to the ring ton. Being a driver requires to have attention on the road but trying to use cell phone makes somebody loose control of his or her car and crash. The second effect is trying to dial the number while operating the vehicle this is also deadly somebody can cause an accident to the person who is driving in front of the car or to pedestrian r. The final effect is talking on the cell phone and driving as the same time. This driver is driving by concentrating on the conversation but not the road. A telephone conversation causes considerably slower reactions to the traffic environment. Driver, who is on cell phone conversation, drives very slow causing a long traffic. In addition, since the person attention is on the cell phone not on the road, there is a possibility of causing accident to the car in the front or hitting a pedestrian. Drivers appear to have less control over the vehicle while being on the phone. Keeping in lane turns out being more difficult and turning left or merging. While phoning drivers also adjust less well to possible hazardous road conditions, such as a slippery road surface. Using a mobile phone while driving has negative effects on driving behaviour and increases the crash rate.

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